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8 Innovative Companies Will Represent Poland During Polish ICT Week in Milan

The prestigious EXPO universal exposition took this year in the Italian city of Milan. Among the 147 countries presenting their traditions, creativity and innovation, Poland is one of the brighter points. The exhibition in the fourth-largest EXPO pavilion is organized under the supervision of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP). One of the accompanying events will be Polish ICT Week, which will consist of two elements: an exhibition of the most interesting Polish companies in the ICT sector (organized by the Ministry of Administration and Digitization) and accompanying events like a conference organized by PARP during which eight Polish tech companies will present their most innovative ideas. Check out our representatives and the idea behind ICT Week in Milan

EXPO 2015 - Polish pavilionEXPO is recognized as one of the most prestigious promotional events in the world. It is a great opportunity to show a nation’s economic potential to a wider audience. This year such a chance was given to eight start-ups from the new technologies sector selected by the Ministry of Administration and Digitization (MAC). They’ll present their projects in the form of interactive stands on October 12-18 during the Polish ICT Week in the Polish pavilion at EXPO Milano 2015.

You can find out a bit more about the start-ups before then:

1) Digital Core Design - a leading Intellectual Property (IP) Core provider and System-on-Chip (SoC) design house and the creator of the world's fastest 8051 CPU – the DQ80251, which was presented to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU President Donald Tusk, during CeBIT 2013 official opening ceremony. DCD will present a project called “New design solutions in the field of innovation on a global scale”.

“Polish ICT week is a great opportunity for Digital Core Design, to present its IP Core portfolio. For more than 15 years our company has been developing innovating architectures. […] Polish ICT week at EXPO will be a chance for our company to present our latest solution to the world – the D32PRO. It’s a 32-bit, royalty-free, deeply embedded CPU, introduced in mid-September during the conference held at the Ministry of Economy in Warsaw. We haven’t forgotten that our presentation should offer something more for visitors. That’s why along with the CPU, we’ll use a special 3D hologram device to present D32PRO’s functionality. And this is just the beginning,” promises Tomeq Cwienk, PR and marketing manager at Digital Core Design in a statement for

2) Ifinity – provides beacon-based tailor-made technology to cities, public spaces and commercial clients around the world to let people digitally interact with their surroundings using their smartphones. One of their products, Virtual Warsaw, worth $15 million, is the world’s first beacon-based urban navigation system. During EXPO they will present a project called “The development of indoor navigation and contextual notification services based on Bluetooth technology” and promote GEOS, an operating system for business and government institutions to create indoor navigation and intelligent sensor management.

EXPO 2015 - Polish pavilion3) InPhoTech – a company with extensive experience in research and development projects. InPhoTech carries out the modelling, fabrication, research and development of specialty optic fibers, innovative optical fiber components and photonic devices. They will present a project called “The advanced structure of photonic optical fibers for innovative telecommunication networks” – a technology that is considered as one of the key solution in Europe’s development strategy.

“Participation in EXPO 2015 is an excellent opportunity to present projects that are based on native Polish technologies while presenting innovation on a global scale. We invite you to visit our stand. In addition to the presentation of the project, we want to share our knowledge about the dynamic development of Polish photonic technologies, introduce our business and prove that photonics will soon develop and modernize industry worldwide. We hope that EXPO participants and the audience will recognize that Poland has its own advanced technologies that can be developed through participation in various projects and programs (national and EU), and to implement advanced solutions for the industry. Many domestic and foreign companies have already decided to bet on Polish innovative fiber technologies. With proper promotion and cooperation with scientific and business leaders for the development of indigenous photonic technology, we have a chance to develop and modernize the Polish economy and become an important player on the market for modern advanced technology,” Edward Kukliński from InPhoTech told

4) OORT – another IoT company creating intelligent smart home devices that allow users to control the whole living environment with a single app. They have developed a unique technology to transform any electronic device into intelligent and self-learning equipment. Their project is called "The innovative system that allows communication between things" and will promote the idea of the Internet of Things and Polish innovate solutions from this sector.

5) MGGP Aero – a leading provider of geo-information based on aerial photography and laser scanning in Central Europe. They implement comprehensive services in the field of aerial photogrammetry using the latest measurement technologies. During EXPO they will present a project called “The laser scanning system with photogrammetric camera as Remote Sensing Aviation Platform”.

“It is a great honor to be one of the Polish ICT representatives during EXPO’15. We have always looked to expand our technology outside of Poland. […] During EXPO 2015 we will provide an outstanding booth with touchable screens, an interactive map and an explanation for how it all works. Mostly we’ll promote the very valuable map services that we provide to different customers. Our data adds some new features and a third dimension to the maps that used to be in 2D. We expect an increasing demand for oblique imagery and 3rd dimension data in the near future. We welcome anyone that is interested in new technologies, maps, aerial photography and LiDAR data. This will be a chance to touch the screen and see the difference. Our services will help to improve life in smart city environments in the future,” explains Witold Kuźnicki for, key account director for MGGP Aero.

6) Game Technologies – a company founded by board game fans creating digital game accessories such as DICE+, which they advertise as “the most technologically advanced game controller in the market and also the simplest to use”. The Dice+ cube is designed for iPad and Android tablet users. During EXPO, Game Technologies will promote it in their project, called “The start of production of the wireless controller in the shape of a six-sided dice game”.

EXPO 2015 - Polish pavilion7) Sportovia – a versatile tool for planning, recording and analyzing sport training. Sportovia is a communication platform and expanded mobile applications created with the support of professional sportsmen, trainers and nutrition specialists. Their EXPO project is called “An innovative e-platform for the implementation of individual training plans for physically active people”.

“Sportovia is a platform for mobile communication with a personal trainer, recordable physical activity and extended dietary modules. Due to the international nature of EXPO, we hope to reach potential users from around the world. At our stand we will present short promotional films through which pavilion visitors will be able to learn about the main functionalities of the Sportovia platform,” announced Piotr Kosmala from Sportovia.

8) Omni3D - an innovative producer of 3D printers and printing materials. Omni3D wants to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in EXPO for promoting their new product – the Factory 2.0 printer, dedicated to the industrial sector. This innovate printer is able to use a wide variety of durable materials and is capable of printing with an accuracy of .03 mm, 500 mm (19.7 inches) on each axis, and a traveling speed of up to 350 mm/sec. Omni 3D will present a project titled “The creation of an innovative B2B system in terms of commercializing and modify models for 3D printing”.

Each of the companies listed above will also give a short lecture on October 13 during the international conference called Towards the 22nd Century with Polish New Technologies organized by PARP. The conference will be addressed mainly to investors and also to the representatives of the Italian public administration, business environment institutions. The presentations are intended to promote the companies’ products and acquire potential investors.

“EXPO is a chance to increase our export incomes, find new clients and provide services to countries that we have not yet worked with. Our services and technologies are very unique and useful for a wide range of economic sectors. We assume that our offer is a very interesting one for Western European countries. Being a part of EXPO is also prestigious and has marketing value,” Witold Kuźnicki from MGGP Aero summed up.

Piotr Kosmala from Sportovia agreed: “During EXPO we intend to present interesting development projects for the Sportovia platform. Our main goal is to establish contacts with investors.”

In addition to the eight companies awarded by MAC during the exhibition, four other projects will be presented connected to electronic administration that are useful in the process of planning, registering and running a business. These are the Central Registration and Information on Business, Geoportal 2, e-Customs Program and Geostatistics Portal.

Polish ICT Week is organized by the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Administration and Digitization and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.


Emilia Leśniewska
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