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SRD: The revolution begins in Warsaw!

The Startup Revolution Days took place on June 19th at the Center Of New Technologies in Warsaw. Corporations, investors and start-ups met together during collaborative, parallel panels, structured around five areas: Commerce & Payments, Healthcare & Life Science, Media & Communications, Mobility & Logistics and Impact & Social Innovation. The panels, together with open roundtables, allowed for extended discussions and quality networking

SRD 2015The timing is right especially for Warsaw, as SRD took place right in the middle of the Warsaw Innovation Days, thus underlining the aspiration of Poland’s capital city to become a leader in Central Europe's new technology ecosystem. Warsaw has a lot to offer as it is currently one of the biggest acceleration spaces in Europe, however it is still waiting to be discovered around the world. Hosting the first of three Startup Revolution Days events was a chance to show the best of the city's as well as entire country's potential. Special Guest, Noam Band shared his impressions:

"I was glad to take part in Startup Revolution Days in Warsaw, I came with little expectations and discovered an impressive ecosystem of young and inspired entrepreneurs. I watched them presenting their start-ups and talked to a few of them - they are the future of the economy in Poland. I think there is a huge potential of cooperation between Poland and Israel in this area and I hope that together we will supply innovation to entire Europe. I think this is just the beginning in Poland and if you continue to do that well like you did so far, Poland will be known as the Next Thing."

The space of the Center Of New Technologies was extremely friendly and supported integration, letting guests roam free through the vast, open and modern space with plenty of places to rest while continuously meeting new people. The D-Raft organization team was omnipresent, making sure that everything was going according to schedule. People were sharing knowledge and experiences throughout and having passionate discussions about such hot topics as venture capital funding and corporate financing. There were no time or place for slacking, as the venue was full of vibrant business energy and new ideas. Polish, German and Israeli participants were constantly on the move to discover different panels and some amazing, ongoing start-up pitches.

Pitching session included ideas such as Abbys Glass, an intelligent and interactive mirror with its own display and wide set of functionalists, allowing users to play games, watch videos and launch apps on its surface. Healthcare issues were addressed mostly by upcoming biotech apps like Dr Poket and Anyone interested in new mobility solutions? GetFlyOver presented their idea of crowdfunded commercial airline flight chartering, allowing to kick-start one's planned flight from scratch.

SRD 2015The micropayment segment was addressed by Billon, an enthusiastically acclaimed app for micro payments based on real money, which is to cut out banks from the process of transferring cash almost entirely., on the other hand, will change the way deaf people communicate with others thanks to their live, two-way translation app service allowing users to carry a personal sign language translator in their pocket. All of those ideas were not only about doing business, but mostly about real change and innovation. Min-Sung Sean Kim from XLHEALTH (Berlin) pointed out:

“As a VC, it is always an enthralling experience to see and meet ambitious start-ups. The Startup Revolution Days were able to offer an excellent atmosphere for networking as well as for getting informed on the latest trends in Poland. With their choice of location and participants, I enjoyed my time in Warsaw a lot and I am looking forward to coming back soon.”


Aleksander Rzetelski
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