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InfoShare 2015 - a must-be start-up conference by the Polish seaside

Start-up showcase, lectures, contests, workshops, drones. This would be the shortest description of InfoShare 2015. Ninth edition of this annual conference held in Gdansk was a must-be event for anyone even barely interested in new technologies and entrepreneurship

InfoShare 2015For a conference that has begun nine years ago as a local project in the halls of Gdansk University of Technology, it’s staggering how everything has expanded.

This year’s edition had over 80 start-ups from 19 countries (including Israel, Argentina, Canada and Egypt), 100 speakers from all around the world, contest for a best start-up with around 1 million zlotys in rewards from investors and 20 thousand euro as a main prize funded by city of Gdansk. All that took place on five stages of AmberExpo Exhibition and Convention Centre, 11th-12th June in Gdansk.

Intellectual Property? Why bother

What comes first, intellectual property or marketing? Good team or brand? Maciej Sadowski (Startup Hub Poland Foundation) tried to answer those questions from a young start-up perspective.

InfoShare 2015As usual, choice between those two different approaches is a question of money.

It’s easy to fall victim of bloated marketing with no intellectual value to back it up. Young companies tend to spend most of their resources on advertising their product just to be crushed by bigger companies. With no patent rights, solid team to back you up, you leave yourself vulnerable. That’s why building up solid base and gathering intellectual property is so important, not only it protects your idea, but actually attracts big companies for whom its always cheaper to invest in a well-developed team than build one from a scratch.

Why corporates and start-ups need each other?

Separation between “young creative entrepreneurs” and “evil greedy corporations” is fading. Both sides need one another if they want to stay relevant on the market. Jacek Frankowski (Orange) pointed out that nowadays nobody has a monopoly for innovation.

Corporations need to develop flexibility and open mindedness of a start-up to be competitive and the best way to do that is to cooperate with those young and innovative people.

Both parties have much to gain. For corporates it’s the mentioned flexibility and stream of fresh ideas, for a start-up it’s access to a vast database of investors, experts and mentors, technology, customers and above all, money.

InfoShare 2015And the winner is…

The vast array of start-ups, reaching from innovative approach towards sex-chat ( to integrated interior environment control (OORT), didn’t make it easy for the judges. Competition was rough but well worth the prize. Apart from the main prize of 20 thousand euro funded by city of Gdansk, there where almost 1 million zlotys altogether to grab from individual investors.

The winner of this year’s edition was (innovative booking service). Apart from the grand prize they have also won audience award, 200 thousand zlotys from investors and a chance to participate in Creative Business Cup 2016. Runner ups: OORT (2nd place) and VitaGenum (personalized DNA diagnosis, 3rd place).

InfoShare transformed from a small local project into major event for start-ups in central Europe. The atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship and variety of opportunities created should be enough to convince anyone to put this conference on their schedule in the future.


Sylwia Wojtas
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