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Krakow Startup Weekend results in six new start-ups

A weather gambling mobile application, a mobile app for sharing taxi expenses and a new approach to selling personal data – those are a just few of the dozen ideas that Krakow Startup Weekend participants had and presented. The busy yet productive weekend took place on May 15-17th in Krakow’s Allegro Tech office

SW KrakówThe Krakow edition of Startup Weekend started at 5:00PM on Friday evening. Over 40 people of different abilities showed up – programmers, marketers, experienced start-up founders and designers among them. The jury had a tough time choosing just 10 ideas worth spending sleepless nights and hours and hours of hard work to create these start-ups. Nevertheless, right after 9:00PM we already knew the 10 chosen ideas. Stick2fresh, Sell your Data, Job Hunter, LadiesDress, Paragon, Obejrzał, Build your Jazz, Weather Prediction Game, Multi Taxi “Uber Killer” and Build Your Boardroom took up the challenge and begin to form their teams, but just six of them made it to the final pitches (some of them changed their draft names, too):

SW KrakówGoodLead – an application for recruiting programmers

The Weather Gambler – a mobile game based on weather prediction

The Other Dude – a system that makes sharing a phone contact and e-mail details with a group of people much easier

CrowdTaxi – a mobile application and website that lets users share taxi expenses

WeData – a website letting you sell your own personal data and share your revenues with a charity if you want

LadiesDress – a website helping busy woman get easy access to trendy sets of clothes and recommending a suitable color, size and style

SW KrakówThe jury and the audience of Krakow Startup Weekend were pretty consistent about who should be awarded.

First Place – with two WebSummit and two Bitspiration Festival tickets, Estimote beacons and a free desk at Colab co-working – was taken by the Weather Gambler.

Second Place – two Bitspiration Festival and two 4Developers conference entries, Estimote beacons and a free week at Colab – went into the hands of Crowd Taxi.

Third place – two entries to the Bitspiration Festival – was gained by The Other Dude.

The Weather Gambler also additionally won the Community Prize, proving that the first prize was well deserved.

SW KrakówPriceless atmosphere

The main aim of Startup Weekend is to motivate young people to start their own projects and to validate their ideas in the span of a weekend. But once you’re there you realize that Startup Weekend is something more than that. It is a two-day long addictive meeting of young enthusiasts, talented people and experienced mentors that everyone leaves as a better expert or better entrepreneur.

The most prominent Krakow mentors and judges were there to give the attendees honest feedback and advice. People were competing, but also helping each other. Teams were formed by Polish, Peruvian, Libyan, German, Dutch and French members. Krakow Startup Weekend was nothing but the best way to spend 15-17th May. No wonder the final conclusion of the meeting heard in the lobbies was: “So, when’s the next Krakow Startup Weekend?”

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Sylwia Wojtas
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