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Seven start-up teams compete for top prizes at Lublin Startup Weekend

Pitch an idea, form a team, and become part of the world’s largest entrepreneurial community in 54 hours – this is the simplest way to explain Startup Weekend, which arrived last weekend in Lublin for the first time

Startup Weekend LublinLublin is increasingly marking its presence on the Polish start-up market. One of proofs of this approach is its first edition of Startup Weekend, which was held on 24-26 April 2015 in the Lublin Science and Technology Park. Everything started on Friday evening when developers, designers, entrepreneurs and start-up enthusiasts came together, shared their ideas and looked for people ready to build a new product and launch a start-up with them.

Almost 50 people – not only from Lublin but also from Łódź, Warsaw and even Lithuania – after trying local delicacies, playing some table football and integrating during the evening party, were ready to get down to some creative work and develop their business plans. From the eleven ideas presented during Friday’s pitching session, seven teams formed and were ready to present the results of their 54-hour labor on Sunday evening. And they were:

Here&Now – a smartwatch application that combines calendars into one convenient form and allows for better time organization, – a service for authors that allows them to publish an e-book, order a printed copy, order of the recording of an audiobook or create ads on social media in just in a few minutes,

DevHunter – on the one hand: a mobile application for developers that is full of practical knowledge, quizzes and tasks that verify skills; on the other hand: a website for recruiters with a selective choice of employees based on their profile and actual skills proven by properly completed tasks, – a service enabling foreign language study that connects education and entertainment in one. Users are both students and teachers and can exchange their experience through video chat with people from all over the world,

No Queues – a platform to minimize queuing time both when buying tickets through simple tools and at venue entrances through beacon-supported ticket control,

Eat-e – an application that helps you meet friends and strangers by inviting them to have a meal together. For helping fill the table, the inviter gets a free coffee or cake from the restaurant and – maybe – gains new friendships,

SzamApp – an application that works with PizzaPortal and lets you order food based on what you want to eat, not by restaurant.

SW LublinStartup Weekend Lublin: work in progress

After a short discussion, two projects were awarded.

The mentors declared Eat-e as the best team. In justification of this choice, Dominik Wartecki from GetMoreSocial said that the mentors appreciated not only the idea but also working in the spirit of Startup Weekend: coming up with new idea, creating a new team, conducting market research and presenting an interesting presentation. The Eat-e team decided to donate one of their prizes, an iPad mini, to the charity auction for the Little Prince Hospice for Children in Lublin. You can still take part in the auction here.

The judges, in turn, said that the choice was difficult but they unanimously decided that the winner of the first Lublin Startup Weekend was No Queues. As a reward the team got an iPad mini, PlayStation 3 and two months of free co-working in Business Link. Both teams also received an annual premium account on Brand 24, which will help them in effectively monitoring the Internet and social media in order to find out about their brand or product.

SW winnersThe Startup Weekend winners - No Queues and Eat-e

The volunteer work of the organizers (Michał Pukacz, Dorota Oleszczuk, Agnieszka Oleszczuk-Widawska, Artur Miłkowski, Kasia Pianko-Szlachta and Jakub Cabak) turned out to be worthwhile – many attendees, mentors and judges all said that the entire event was memorable and they are ready to come back for the next editions.

Is standing in queues about to be a thing of the past? We will see in the near future. After the hard-working weekend, all of the teams deserve wishes of good luck and perseverance in developing their new businesses.

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