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Polish entrepreneurs go Lean at Lean Startup Machine

Only recently in Warsaw the very first Polish edition of the popular Lean Startup Machine workshops took place. Polish entrepreneurs learned how to „think Lean” and developed several interesting startup ideas in the process. Meet them all

LSMBetween 10-12 April dozens of participants and several startup mentors gathered in the Aviva building in Warsaw to take part in Lean Startup Machine. Those workshops travel the world to teach about the benefits of using the Lean approach in business development. The first Polish edition was mentored by Bartosz Janowicz, a Lean Startup advisor, Listonic's Kamil Janiszewski,'s CEO Greg Pietruszyński or Oksana Hoshva from HOSHVA Digital among others.

At the very beginning, several of the participants took the stage to present their startup ideas. The remaining joined whoever liked the most and thus about ten teams ended up taking form. They were to cooperate closely with the mentors and even at times leave the building to talk to strangers about their ideas. They asked them whether they would pay or be interested in their startup in the form suggested by them and, in case of negative opinions, they changed the target, payment model or features of their product and tried again– much like the Lean approach recommends.

LSMHow to go Lean? 

The last activity was a direct consequence of the Lean approach taught at Lean Startup Machine. To go lean is to build, measure and learn from your experience. The Lean Startup method entails the necessity of testing various niches, distribution channels in all sorts of combinations in order to find the appropriate one. Potential consumers' opinions are essential and that's why the Minimal Viable Product is built to quickly learn what they think and make a pivot (change in business assumptions) in case the opinions are negative.

After almost three days of hard work 8 startups were formed:

Kds4kds – a local platform for young moms that makes it easy to buy, sell and exchange baby clothes and accessories

Osobisty asystent – an app that helps in various daily activities

Podwózek – this service is to facilitate the transport of children to and from school

Net VC - a platform that connects startup entrepreneurs with investors

LSMTRIZ - EduSol - aims to help parents support the development of all kinds of talents and hobbys in their children

BikeMic – tiny device for cyclists and other people that like listening to music in headphones while on the road. It makes it possible to listen to music while still hearing the surroundings clearly

TakeorNot – the Tinder for products and services, only here you can meet a variety of products and services and quickly decide whether you want them or not at the swipe of your finger 

Emenu/JobMe – aims to connect employers and employees in the food industry

The mentors decided to pick three teams as winners of the 3-day struggle: BikeMic, JobMe and Podwózek that will use help of UsabilityTools in their further efforts. 

“Even though the LSM methodology is quite different than what they do at the more established in out country Startup Weekend events, the first Polish LSM turned out fine. The organizers took care so that the participants didn't just sit still, but went outside and tested their hypotheses in the real world. Unlike Startup Weekend, LSM is business-only. The technology behind any startup idea is simply considered feasible and left to think about for later. Very Lean,” said Kamil Janiszewski for

LSMThe first Polish Lean Startup Machine proved an energetic event – Polish entrepreneurs understand better than ever before that it takes more than just a good idea or even smart technology to build a scalable startup. Finding the right customer and the right channel is key. With Lean it gets easier. Soon even more Polish entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn this as Lean Startup Machine is here to stay.

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Photos: Paweł "Tymek" Tyminski


Adrian Senecki
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