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About our project

The idea of "We support e-business" goes back to 2008. The project stemmed from the need to promote the booming information society and the emerging e-business sector in Poland. The aim of the project team was to assist entrepreneurs in the establishment of the first technological start-ups within the Innovative Economy Operational Programme. Entrepreneurs in question were implementing B2B technologies in their businesses and were the first on the Polish market to provide e-services to the public. From its very start, "We support e-business" platform has been a place where entrepreneurs gain valuable knowledge, promote their projects and are supported in the subsequent stages of their business development. Over the past five years, the situation on Polish market has changed significantly due to the emergence of a great number of new web portals, e-services and mobile applications. The consequential potential of this sector of economy remains, however, focused mainly on the domestic market and deprived of any form of systemic support for its global expansion. How do we plan to support e-business in new conditions? We intend to use the potential of the Polish e-business to develop outwards and open to the world while taking on the role of an initiator and binder of the Polish ecosystem. We want a maximum number of Polish companies to become actors in the global market. We also wish to ensure that foreign investors see the potential that lies within this sector - both in Poland and throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

How do we operate?

"We support e-business" is a systemic project of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, implemented successfully since September 2008. The focal point of our activities is - a web portal that brings together educational and promotional initiatives undertaken within the subsequent stages of the project. Currently, the service brings together a community of thousands registered businesses implementing B2B technologies and offering e-services, including those that benefit from EU subsidies for e-business (Measures 8.1 and 8.2 of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme). With 4 million hits per year, the web portal is one of the most popular government websites; this evidences the growing interest for e-business and is a testimony to the rich and relevant content of the website, organised by themes and featuring a substantial library of e-books. portal

We are publishing articles relating to e-business, including interviews, reports and best practices. We have drawn up and provided access to e-business analyses and expert reports. We have published over 70 free e-books on running a business and Internet marketing, development prospects for e-services and B2B technologies, as well as other topics; they have been downloaded by tens of thousands of users. On the website Entrepreneurs can also promote their e-services and B2B technologies.

What is our goal?

We intend to pursue our activities by stimulating the competitiveness of the Polish e-economy. Continued support at a higher level is to ensure an effective use of the potential of entrepreneurs, including beneficiaries of Measures 8.1 and 8.2 OP IE, developed through previously undertaken activities. We wish to create favourable conditions for the integration of the potential of Polish companies with the needs of the global market, put them in contact with international investors and create multinational businesses. At the same time, we intend to popularize knowledge of global technological and market trends in the ICT industry among "pre-start-ups” that are about to embark on an e-business adventure. This is to ensure that, from the very beginning, they see their business in an international context, allowing them to create products for the global market When conducting our activities, we focus on long-term goals - we wish to create an ecosystem that is favourable to the development of e-business and will operate automatically even after the financing from the EU funds has been stopped.

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We support E-Business -

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development is implementing a system project with the objective of popularising the idea of information society and knowledge-based economy, through enhancing the awareness of entrepreneurs on measures 8.1 and 8.2 of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.