Poland at CeBIT


Company description: Time and reliability are 2 of the most important elements in our business, and we believe we can help organizations in the wholesale trading industry to optimize and control these 2 key elements. Handelot.com, as one the most recognize and most referred trading floors for mobile phones and consumer electronics,has develop a network of companies from all over the world that offers an up-to-date, worldwide vision of our industry. We use the flow of information to benefit our business partners by reducing the time to successfully complete business transactions and reduce the risks while dealing with new companies. Handelot's business model is an all free access to the information which makes us the world's first free professional trading floor on our industry with hundreds of new offers and demands posted everyday from reputable organizations. We earn our money from the help and assistance we provide to our partners - there my job as Account Manager to look after actively our members.

Product: Many customers ask us why they should upgrade their free membership in Handelot to a VIP membership. The short answer would be that we have seen time and time again how similar companies have invested 750€/year and through our services and support have recovered the money many times over.  The value we provide to our customers is much greater than 750 Euros and this is why we have the highest renewal rates in our industry. Some of these benefits that our VIP members enjoy are: Enjoy a first-class customer support to find out the best suppliers and customers to improve your profitability. Highlight your company details all over handelot.com website to enhance your visibility and ultimately your business opportunities.  Benefit from the Live Stats Service of Handelot.com where you will be able to have access to very significant information that will help you to better understand the current situation of the market.  Create your own Business Card in our VIP Directory and gain prestige and exposure to over 1700 REAL companies from all over the world. Obtain usability enhancements to optimize every click from a potential buyer/seller. Benefit from a preferential position in Handelot's trade matching criteria and bi-weekly mailings to its entire trading community.

Website: http://www.handelot.com/


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Poland at CeBIT