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Six Polish start-ups that help you Do It Yourself

Creating digital products or mobile applications without writing a single line of code is becoming increasingly popular, and we’ve found six Polish start-ups that let you do exactly that. Introducing Kinetise, PoqAd, Shoplo, PublishSoSimply, Get Smarter and Levelee

Do It Yourself Computer

DIY, or Do It Yourself, is a movement most often associated with craftsmanship or home repair, though lately it’s become popular in tech circles. In this sense, we’re talking about creating digital products without hiring someone to write code – or, do it yourself web and mobile apps.

The following six Polish start-ups were created to help you do it yourself, whether it’s to create a cross-platform mobile application, open an online store, or publish custom branded content. There are even platforms for you to share your knowledge through online courses. If you’re a DIYer, read on!

DIY mobile app creation: Polish start-ups - Kinetise and PoQad

Traditionally, the creation of a custom mobile app could cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars – per platform. And of course it required hiring a developer, or several, for each platform you wanted to release your app on, whether it was the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone or Blackberry.

Kinetise: one web app, four mobile platforms

Enter Kinetise, a web-based editor that lets anyone create simple, native apps for all four major mobile platforms without having to write a single line of code in Objective-C or Java. The editor’s built-in emulator lets you see how your app will look and act on various devices, letting you fine-tune the functionality without having to load it on actual phones or tablets – all for a one-time price of about $1,000 per app.

Additionally, if designing an app yourself using Kinetise’s tools is still a daunting task, you can hire the company to create the app for you using their editor for a fraction of the cost of hiring traditional developers. Of course, the Kinetise editor does have limitations and might not be able to create more complex applications, but for many small companies that want to create app versions of their websites, it’s an affordable and versatile solution.

KinetisePoQad: build mobile apps on your computer

Like Kinetise, PoQad (a play on the Polish word “pokład”, or platform) offers a way to create mobile applications without coding. Unlike Kinetise, PoQad is software you download to your computer, allowing you to create native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Additionally, PoQad comes with its own mobile app that allows you to preview the app you’re building in real time.

What makes PoQad a great choice for start-ups and small businesses? Their built-in modules that make the creation of standard elements such as product galleries, events, floor plans, menus, maps or social network integration seamless on all mobile platforms. Unlike Kinetise, PoQad works on a paid subscription model, with standard, premium or white label options, depending if you’re creating a simple app for one or two platforms, multiple apps for multiple platforms or building a multi-platform app for a client.

Shoplo: DIY online store creation

Most small online retailers have two choices: creating their own online store and keeping all the profits, or selling their goods through established marketplaces that take a percentage of their sales as payment. Shoplo wants to make the former easier than ever to do.

The e-commerce platform allows you to create a store on your own custom domain that also works on mobile and Facebook, as well as external channels that extend the reach of your products. Shoplo provides the backend, including integrated secure payment gateways, while you design the store to your needs and update your products in real time. The pricing of the service depends on your needs, and ranges between 45 PLN per month to 255 PLN per month, as well as a dedicated enterprise plan that’s 1,199 PLN per month, for large-scale retailers.

ShoploPublishSoSimply: simplifying digital publishing

If you’re a content creator or a start-up owner, you know getting your content out into the world is no easy task. While materials such as white papers, ebooks or specialized reports are great ways to draw attention to your company or product, they are often time-consuming to publish and require outside help in the form of designers or programmers.

That’s what PublishSoSimply wants to help you do yourself. The start-up offers a web-based visual editor that lets you create your content and layout its style without having to use Photoshop or similar tools. Once created, you can use the platform to publish the content on your website, share a link directly to it, and even analyze who reads it and how. At the moment, the basic service is free, though they plan to offer white label and custom domain services in the future.

Levelee: create your own training courses

When most people think of company training, they think of sitting in a room with your boss or manager, trying to stay awake while being told things you probably already know. In addition to often being ineffective, this type of training requires hours of time, both for preparation and carrying out, that could be spent actually working.

Levelee wants to change this by allowing anyone to create online courses, much like the ones you see on sites like Coursera or edX, that are interactive and engaging. Course creators can make their own videos, presentations, tests and surveys, while students can take the courses from the comfort of their homes after hours.

Get smarter

Get Smarter: anyone can teach!

If you think you have specialized knowledge you’d like to share with the world, but don’t have the time or the resources to put together your own course, Get Smarter might be for you. Or, you might need the guidance of an expert on a particular project, but there are none in your network, and a consultant is outside of your budget.

Get Smarter is a platform to connect these two: specialists and those in need of specialist advice or training. Get Smarter is a social network of experts and trainers you can hire for affordable, customized, one-on-one video conference sessions that will help you get smarter in whatever topic you’re interested in. Best of all, prices are set by the specialists, so you can find the right person at the right price for you.

Do it yourself – with Polish start-ups

We hope we’ve shown you how easy it is to create products or apps that just years ago would have required a whole team of experts (and a lot more money) all by yourself, thanks to a few innovative Polish start-ups. So go ahead, do it yourself!


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